The Making of Medieval History

Biographies of the Speakers


Programme (as at July 2011)

Preliminary Workshop: (IMC, 13th July 2011, Leeds)
(Participants: Peter Biller, Martial Staub, Ian Wood, and Gabor Klaniczay: chairman Graham Loud)

[Then each of the first six meetings will take place on a Thursday and Friday, and include one or two plenary speakers, and a workshop – one plenary lecture on Thursday evening, the second lecture + workshop on the Friday, morning + early afternoon].

1. [10/11th November 2011], Leeds. National history / Notions of myth
Main speakers: Bastian Schlüter (Berlin] and Jonathan Shepard (Oxford)

2. [1st /2nd December 2011], Sheffield. Land and Frontiers
Main speakers: Richard Hitchcock (Exeter), and Christian Lübke (Leipzig)

3. [9/ 10th February 2012], York. Imagining / Inventing the Middle Ages
Main speakers: Jinty Nelson (King’s, London), Jean-Claude. Schmitt (Paris)

4. [1st/2nd March 2012], Leeds. Constructing a European Identity
Main speakers: Patrick Geary (UCLA), and Michael Borgolte (Berlin)

5. [26/27th April 2012], Sheffield. The Marxist Construction of Medieval History
Main speakers: Michail Boytsov (Moscow) and Karol Modzelewski (Warsaw)

6. [17th /18th May 2012], York. Rewriting Medieval Religion
Main speakers: Christine Caldwell Ames (South Carolina) and Peter Biller (York)

7. IMC, July 2012, Leeds, keynote lecture: ‘Selling’ the Middle Ages / Popular Perceptions of the Middle Ages: Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam) [between 9th-12th July 2012]